Now junk, but once I was… • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Now junk, but once I was… somebody’s pride and joy’ is my submission into the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Junk. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust is the old saying. Unfortunately not everything goes back to ashes or dust that quickly. Especially since we abandon more and more ‘durables’ by the side of the road. From bikes (a true plague in the Netherlands) to TV’s and radio’s to toilet bowls. Even motorbikes and cars. It is strange to think that these abandoned pieces of junk once were someone’s pride and joy. I have been ranting about this in previous posts. But here’s the gist of what we find abandoned in the streets once more.

Junk toilet • Tuesday Photo Challenge
A different meaning to a Public Toilet altogether
Junk bicycle dredged up • Tuesday Photo Challenge
Abandoned bicycle dredged up
Abandoned lines square
Another abandoned bicycle dredged up
Daddy, I found my push bike
…and the dredged up junk comes in all shapes & sizes
Netflix anyone?
Junk radio • Tuesday Photo Challenge
Or a cozy evening listening to the radio?
Honey, do you remember where I parked my motorbike?
Abandoned • Wordless Wednesday
Or the Land Rover for that matter…?

So… despite our good intentions, we’re drowning in the consequences of material wealth. I.e. our junk! And we don’t really give a shit.

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