Ali Bomaye! • Three Things Challenge #170

Ali Bomaye! • Three Things Challenge #170 is my entry into this challenge by pensitivity101.

I totally forgot the birthday of the (self-proclaimed) Greatest which was on January 16. The prompt of fight, wound and blood however immediately made me remember. Here’s a small tribute to correct this faux-pas.

He had been spoiling for the Rumble in the Jungle. Certainly the greatest fight of his career. The chance to redeem himself. After he was stripped of his World Champion title for political reasons, he was lusting for blood. It still is a miracle he emerged victorious without so much as a wound n his face. And a beating he took the first 6 or 7 rounds. While many (wrongly) accused him of rope-a-doping, there are those who point out that it was a combination of his unrivaled skills, strategy and his loud mouth. But no matter who’s right or who’s wrong, that single fight in Kinshasa, Zaire proved once and for all that he was the Greatest. Ever. Ali Bomaye!

Ali Bomaye!
Ali Bomaye!

If you’d like to see the Greatest outfighting the Strongest check this out:

Or watch the Oscar-winning documentary When we were Kings for FREE on Hulu, by clicking here.

When we were Kings
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You do not have to read the next part, as it contains nothing of interest or any value. To please Google – according to their own Analytics nobody ever clicks on this link – click here to read my other submission into this writing challenge. And to appease this pompous almighty one even more I have to include this one more time. Three Things Challenge #170

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