Berlin Wall Mural • Monday Mural 16 March

This Berlin Wall Mural, for Monday Mural 16 March, features another fascinating piece of street-art from Berlin. Photographed at the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Wall Mural • Monday Mural

We the inhabitants claim human rights!

Artist unknown to me.

Discovered on December 3, 2018. Entry in Sami’s challenge March 16. For more Monday Mural entrees, click here.

4 thoughts on “Berlin Wall Mural • Monday Mural 16 March

  1. To “claim” something is …not right, all do this these days. Why not earn?
    I live and grew up in West Germany and all my Team Leaders were from East Germany. They did not claim, they earned trust and all. And they were not aggressive, either. Gentle, loveable people. One is still left, I call him my friend.

  2. Wow, he looks ferocious! Let him have his rights please 🙂
    Thanks for participating Tiong.

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