Spread • Tuesday Photo Challenge #204

For Spread, the latest virus from Dutch Goes The Photo, I didn’t have to torture my sometimes already malfunctioning memory. It took me back to one of the souks in Marrakech, virtually immediately. While I was at least a mile from its origin when I caught my first whiff: the large open air tannery. I just wish there was some sort of way to electronically transfer this horrifying, nauseating smell, other than the way it spread through the air and nested itself into my memory.

Marakech Tannery 1 • Spread • Tuesday Photo Challenge
Marrakech Tannery • Spread • Tuesday Photo Challenge

I never knew how a smell, or stench, could spread so far and mercilessly. It made me wonder how anyone could actually live in its vicinity, let alone work in the tannery. The mint leaves my guide gave me did not do anything to lessen this ordeal.

But all things considered, it was a beautiful photo opportunity.

Marrakech Tannery 3 • Spread • Tuesday Photo Challenge
Marrakech Tannery 3 • Spread • Tuesday Photo Challenge

The main leather tanneries in Marrakech are located in the Bab Debbagh quarter in the north end of the medina; the location provides access to the Oued Issil river across the busy road (dry in the summer months and flowing quickly in winter months). It is removed from the city, so it doesn’t bother nearby residents with the smell. Or so they say…

Marrakech Tannery 2 • Spread • Tuesday Photo Challenge
Marrakech Tannery 2 • Spread • Tuesday Photo Challenge

If you like to know more about the process of turning an animal hide into a piece of leather, which takes roughly 28 days, click here.

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  1. great photos indeed. brrr… can’t imagine how it is to live or work there with that stench.

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