Portico Doors Phenomena • Thursday Doors

For Norm’s Thursday Doors are these Portico Doors Phenomena. I guess many cities have them. I found these when walking the dog in my hometown the Hague. According to Wikipedia, this kind of architecture was developed to give shelter to the elements. I do believe however there were economic forces at play at the time.

They do present you with the opportunity though to cram 5 doors in a portrait sized shot.

5 doors •
5 doors
116, 118 & 120 Portico Doors •
116, 118 & 120 Portico Doors

This way, 6 doors fit in a portrait sized picture without a problem. Please note that the doors to the souterrains are different from the sets of twin doors giving access to the main house.

Corner houses do hardly pose a problem to this kind of architecture, as the 2 photos below show.

184 & 185 Portico Doors
184 & 185 Portico Doors
194 & 195 
Portico Doors • Thursday Doors
194 & 195 Portico Doors

Lastly, portico’s don’t always give access to s souterrain or basement.

As said, I shot these Portico Doors Phenomena within a 20 minute walk..

For next week, I’ve found some more twin doors

9 thoughts on “Portico Doors Phenomena • Thursday Doors

  1. I sure love the idea of cramming so many doors into one shot 🙂
    The upper doors on #194/#195 are simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these.

  2. What a great gallery! There are doors like this in Philadelphia. I thought 5 in one shot was good but you got 6 in the second. I doubt anyone can match that, at least with real-sized doors. I like the corner doors a lot.


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