COVID-19 Door • Thursday Doors

For Norm’s Thursday Doors is this rather disturbing photo of what I’ve dubbed a COVID-19 door. I’ve thought about whether to post this photo or not, long and hard. But the relaxed way more than a few of us treat the quarantine rules and advice called for a hard confrontation in my case.

I never got to know Johan really, merely greeted him with a smile or a nod when I was passing by. But for me he was anything but an abstract statistic and his passing away due to Corona hit me harder than I had ever imagined. Johan is the first victim of this virus that I could actually put a face to. And suddenly this feeling of ‘it’s bad out there…but it won’t touch me’ was no longer there. I was an untouchable no more as it had reached the outer rings of my own little world.

COVID-19 door • Thursday Doors
COVID-19 door • Thursday Doors

9 thoughts on “COVID-19 Door • Thursday Doors

  1. A sobering reminder of the horror of Coronavirus. My household is under self-isolation because my wife had a temperature yesterday. She seems right as rain today, but we are still being precautionary. Dividing the house up and being conscious of everything you touch is a huge burden and eye-opener, but necessary in these times.

  2. What leaves me saddest of all is how some people still seem to be able to trivialize the loss of so much human life. Until it hits very close to home, it just doesn’t register that each person lost leaves a big empty hole in the lives of those who loved them 🙁

  3. Sorry for your loss. I think that no being able to put a face on it is why some people insist on acting as if there were nothing wrong or that they are invincible. If we don’t know someone personally who’s died or otherwise been impacted by this, we’re blessed!


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