One Door, Many Bells • Thursday Doors

One Door, Many Bells • Thursday Doors

For as long as anyone can remember there has been a housing shortage in the Netherlands. Even, or should I say especially, today. We’re short 80,000 affordable houses for rent, the so-called social rentals (sociale huurwoningen), primarily for young, starting families and couples.

Most of the houses behind the doors I’ve been showing were built for occupancy by one (affluent) family (and their servants). The family entrance usually consists of one, main front door. The servants’ door was usually on souterrain/basement level or a side-/back-entrance.

One way of solving this problem is to split up the 3- and 4-story houses into 3 or 4 different apartments, where each one would fit a starters-family. There are more than a few house-owners have converted their house(s) into separate apartments per floor. The front door then is the communal entrance.

3 bells, one door • thursday doors 1
3 Bells, One Door
3 Letterboxes, One Door
3 Letterboxes, One Door
3 Letterboxes, One Door
4 Bells, One Door • Thursday Doors
4 Bells, One Door

So far, it makes a lot of sense. Divvy up a house into maximum of 1 apartment per floor. But take a look at the following:

8 Bells, One Door • Thursday Doors
8 Bells, One Door
8 letterboxes, one door • thursday doors
8 letterboxes, one door

One Door, Many Bells for Norm’s Thursday Doors.

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7 thoughts on “One Door, Many Bells • Thursday Doors

  1. Hmmm. How to know if the ringing is for you when there are eight apts in one building? Guess their sounds are unique! Enjoyed your fotos.

  2. I love the 4 and 8 bell doors near the end. This dividing up of big older houses happens in the States as well. Sometimes there are houses build to house two families and they can be either side-by-sides or up-and-downs.


  3. These are amazing doors, but one thing i’ve noticed are the big address numbers. Good for someone with bad eye sight haha

  4. Sadly, a lack of affordable housing is a serious problem in many major urban centers here as well.
    A wonderful door selection though. The third from the last – natural wood with the textured glass – is the one that stood out most for me. It’s a real beauty 🙂

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