Monday Window 4 May • A Timeless Truth

A Timeless Truth is my entry in Ludwig Keck’s challenge Monday Window, 4 May.

Fatal Attraction • Monday Window 4 May
Fatal Attraction

Politically incorrect as it may be to some, I was completely taken by the ‘timeless truth’ of this photo. Who didn’t try to peer through the window of a beautiful sportscar to look what the interior was like? When you were young? Or even today?

For some of us, this proved to be a fatal attraction in that we today actually own one of those cars…

I just wish I had taken this photo, but I lifted this off the net.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Window 4 May • A Timeless Truth

  1. Indeed those attractions are powerful. Way back in my younger days we came awfully close to buying a Porsche. The dealer had even dropped one off for us to try over a weekend. But then the down payment on the house was less than the down payment for the car … saved!

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