Delicate Colours • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #98

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My first port of call was to look up what delicate actually means other than subtle or pleasing because of fineness or mildness.

Definition of delicate: pleasing to the senses

Merriam Webster Dictionary

So this week’s prompt can very well mean a colourful assault on the senses, as long as it is pleasing. Now this is something I can work with: the place that sprang to mind immediately is Marrakesh, Morocco.

A pickle anyone?

Delicate colourful pickles • Lens-Artists
Delicate colourful pickles
More Delicate colourful pickles • Lens-Artists
More delicate colourful pickles

Or some flower buds?

But even some houses were a pleasant onslaught on the senses being painted in delicate colours.

A ceiling adorned with delicate colours
A ceiling adorned with delicate colours

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13 thoughts on “Delicate Colours • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #98

  1. Wow. Some JARRING photos. Delicate, though. It would make a good jigsaw puzzle, IMO, as would the ceiling. But I digress.

      1. Strangely enough I cannot get my comment through…but I am 99% sure of Majorelle Gardens

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