Thursday Doors 4 June • Garage Doors

Thursday Doors 4 June • Garage Doors

When I was much younger, one of my dreams was to once own a building with a garage as the ground floor. Being the city-slicker I am, this obviously had to be somewhere downtown. A place where I could tinker on my old-timers and could park my daily car. Obviously, while these houses do exist, they are hard to come by. And when you do find one, they’re generally hideously looking. Like some of these in The Hague:

Garage Doors 1 • Thursday Doors
Garage Doors 2 • Thursday Doors
Garage Doors 3 • Thursday Doors
Garage Doors 4

But there are notable exceptions…

Jügendstil Garage Doors

Especially in another town where I wouldn’t mind living, Cadaquès, Catalunia. Somehow the Spaniards have understood how to incorporate on-site garage doors in an aesthetically interesting way.

Cadaquès Garage Doors3
Cadaquès Garage Doors1
Cadaquès Garage Doors

Garage Doors for Norm‘s Thursday Doors 4 June.

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7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 4 June • Garage Doors

  1. Who knew garage doors could actually be attractive? I do like the fourth from the end, the one with the orange cone in the foreground. Wonder what car drives through those doors?

  2. I like the variety of different styles of garage door in this post: some flip up, others swing open, some even seem to be accordion style…a nice mix.

  3. Those last three look pretty good. Living in the suburbs, everyone has garage and where we are, some garages have three bays, including our rental, which is lovely for storage when there aren’t basements or attics. 🙂 Where one of our daughters lives in Philadelphia, unless you have a house, you park in the street, no garages.


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