Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102 • A Quiet Moment

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102 • A Quiet Moment

Patti Moed is this week’s host. She’s challenging us to capture A Quiet Moment. The lockdown rules in the Netherlands have been relaxed considerably, hence the streets, squares, parks and beaches are filling up with people. Fortunately most of them practise social distancing.

Here’s a short movie that I posted before to give you an impression of what is was like at the height of the lockdown in the otherwise bustling Amsterdam.

Coming back to the challenge at hand, here are some photos that I took at the local tennis club, which is situated in the woods. Near the entrance there is this statue of man lost in thought.

Reflective • A Quiet Moment
Reflective • Lens-Artists

Just opposite this statue is this clock that doesn’t work anymore. It is as if time stands still…

Time stands still • Lens-Artists
Time stands still • Lens-Artists

Inside the clubhouse this painting captures a sight seldom seen, three silent women.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102

So far for this entry in the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102.

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  1. Fabulous, Tiong. I especially love your video of the quiet streets in Amsterdam, so incredibly different from my other visits to that wonderful city. I hope the city is coming back to life now.

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