Lens-Artists Challenge #104 • Summer

Lens-Artists Challenge #104 • Summer

Amy is this week’s host, and her challenge is to capture Summer.

'Summertime and the livin' is easy 
One of these mornings 
You're goin' to rise up singing'

Summer at the Beach • Lens-Artists Challenge
Summer at the Beach • Lens-Artists Challenge

This photo sums up this season in Holland. While the sun might be shining (occasionally), the beaches are mostly deserted. It’s rather chilly out there, and the Covid-19 scare still is sort of omnipresent

On a positive note though, the light does make for some spectacular photography.

Were it not for shadows • Mr. Candy • Scheveningen Boulevard
Dusk at the boulevard

Anyways, not be a grumpy old man, most of these mornings I sort of ‘rise up singing’ kind of mood.

So far for this entry in the Lens-Artists Challenge #104.

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  1. Love those huts on the beach, Tiong – colourful wonders! Amy is our host though – so kindly put a link to her post!

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