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6 Word Story, also goes by the name in plural, 6 word stories, or by various other ways of spelling like sixwordstory, six word story, 6wordstory or the plural of those. There does not seem to be a consensus yet. Moreover, my favorite English online dictionary (Lexico) doesn’t even have any of those listed.

Anyway, the first time I encountered the phenomena of a 6 word story was on Marion Driessen’s blog DOLDRIEST. Here her challenge is to write a 6 word story around a given theme and select a visual or photo to add strength and clarity.

I love this sort of short stories as they epitomize story telling in the shortest and most powerful way.

Said challenge gives a splendid example:

6 word story hemingway

The myth exposed…

A quick, but not unimportant sidestep. Although many publications attribute this wonderful short to Hemingway, I came across an article from 2013 in one of Holland’s leading newspapers, the NRC. (If you read Dutch and are really interested in the history of that famous line it definitely is worth a minute or two of your time.)

Literally translated translated the headline reads ‘Most famous sixwordstory ever not written by Hemingway’. This article quotes as a source the site Quote Investigator by Garson O’Toole, who also published a book about this wrongful (and other) attribution to the big man.

zeswoordenverhaal hemingway didn't say that

This book and said post mention various sources and comparable lines Hemingway has ‘borrowed’ from during a wager over lunch.

Those that want to know more about this myth I invite to have look at Quote Investigator.

Back to 6 word stories…

Rest assured, there are many, many more equally brilliant sixwordstories written on blogs, on reddit and even reported by the Huffington Post.
As mentioned on my homepage reddit even has a post on the top 500 six-word stories of 2018.
My favorite of that year definitely is:

“Wait, you have AIDS?” asked Dracula

A few more from jsut the first 10 on that list. All of the kind I wish I had written:
You were in the control group.”
“…some cave paintings of mushroom clouds”
“2pm”, Noah lied to the unicorns.
“Can I just buy one bullet?”
“Cause of death listed as ‘autopsy’.”
“Click”, the revolver passed to me.
“Curiosity again…” mumbled the cat detective.
“DO NOT TOUCH,” read the braille.
“Daddy, where did mom’s hair go?”

If you find this easy-peasy I challenge you to leave your 6 word story (or 6 word stories if you feel like engaging in a real challenge) in the reddit feed on sixwordstories.

If you like to see my 2 cents, click here.

6 word story challenges

Apart from reddit the web is awash with challenges. After having a look I sttled on fw to start out with:
berlin wall

Sorry…a small section in Dutch

Back then to the initial challenge by Marion Driessen: they’re in Dutch unfortunately…

Hier is de (september) inzending voor het zes woorden verhaal rond het thema Afval

wat niet doodt, maakt je sterker
Bron foto: SkyNews

De (augustus) inzending voor het ‘6 word story’ rond het thema Engel

zeswoordenverhaal this is how Lucifer must feel...
Bron foto is P.G. Monateri

Maar je zou hier natuurlijk net zo goed een pakkend tweewoordenverhaal van kunnen maken:

Dit waren mijn twee inzendingen voor de ‘6 word story‘ met het thema Camera, ‘Moment suprême’ en ‘Insider’s kiekje (juli 2019)’.

Zeswoordenverhaal Moment suprême
Moment suprême
zeswoordenverhaal insider's kiekje
Insider’s kiekje

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9 thoughts on “6 Word Story

  1. Gaaf gedaan, Han!
    Het zeswoordverhaal over Lucifer HOORT gewoon bij de foto. En die laatste liet me hardop lachen. Geweldig.
    Vertel, is de vogel gevlogen? 😉
    Erg leuk dit, fijn dat je meedoet.

  2. Een zeer interessant stuk, Han, dank je! Daar gaat de mythe. En misschien heeft hij ‘zijn’ beroemde verhaal inderdaad niet geschreven, maar hij heeft er wel voor gezorgd dat het genre bekend(er) werd.

    De hongerige ijsberen die afzakken naar de bewoonde wereld om op afvalhopen hun kostje bij elkaar te scharrelen.
    Mooi hoe je verschillende lagen in je afval-zeswoordverhaal verwerkt hebt.

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