Dubai Doors • Thursday Doors

Dubai Doors • Thursday Doors

A stark contrast with last week’s Istanbul Sliding Shed Door are these Dubai Doors for Norm’s Thursday Doors. This photo is from my archives and was taken in April, 2013 with an iPhone 4S.

Jugendstil Door • Thursday Doors

Jugendstil Door • Thursday Doors 16:9

Photographed this magnificent Jugendstil door a while back with Thursday Doors in my mind. And immediately forgot all about it. The twin green doors I posted last week however kick started my memory. Do check out the design of the letterbox on the right. Just gorgeous! The whole front of the house had the same … Continue reading Jugendstil Door • Thursday Doors

Spanish Doors • Thursday Doors

Spanish doors 5• Thursday Doors

‘Spanish Doors’ is the entry for February 13, 2020 Thursday Doors. Hosted by Norm 2.0. The past 10 days were spent in Cadaquès, Spain where I encountered one illustrious door after another. So not to overload this post with all the remarkable doors I found in this wonderful, ex-hippie village, here’s roughly the first third … Continue reading Spanish Doors • Thursday Doors

COVID-19 Door • Thursday Doors

COVID-19 door • Thursday Doors

For Norm’s Thursday Doors is this rather disturbing photo of what I’ve dubbed a COVID-19 door. I’ve thought about whether to post this photo or not, long and hard. But the relaxed way more than a few of us treat the quarantine rules and advice called for a hard confrontation in my case. I never … Continue reading COVID-19 Door • Thursday Doors

Barcelona Doors • Thursday Doors

Barcelona Doors • Thursday Doors

Barcelona Doors is my entry for this week’s Thursday Doors, which is hosted by Norm Frampton. We came across these neglected doors wandering through some of the back alleys of Barcelona. Some might call these more than a bit neglected. But just pause for a moment and try and see the sheer beauty of them. … Continue reading Barcelona Doors • Thursday Doors

Portico Doors Phenomena • Thursday Doors

184 & 185 Portico Doors • Thursday Doors landscape

For Norm’s Thursday Doors are these Portico Doors Phenomena. I guess many cities have them. I found these when walking the dog in my hometown the Hague. According to Wikipedia, this kind of architecture was developed to give shelter to the elements. I do believe however there were economic forces at play at the time. … Continue reading Portico Doors Phenomena • Thursday Doors