Mid-Week Monochrome #38 • MWM

Mid-Week Monochrome #38 • MWM

Submission for Brashley Photography’s Mid-Week Monochrome #38 • MWM You can find more of my photo’s for MWM here.

Abandoned • Mid-Week Monochrome #24

Abandoned • MWM #24

Abandoned • Mid-Week Monochrome #24 is the entry into the challenge from Brashley Photography is this Mid-Week Monochrome, or MWM. For more entries in photo challenges, go here. ‘Abandoned’ is (or will be) a series of photos of ‘durable consumer goods’ I found discarded in the streets.

Sacrilege • Mid-Week Monochrome #27

Sacrilige • Abandoned VW Beetle • Mid-Week Monochrome

This photo, Sacrilege, of an abandoned VW Beetle is the entry into the challenge from Brashley Photography, Mid-Week Monochrome. A.k.a. MWM #27. Photographed this abandoned VW Beetle in Al-Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. Judging by the license plate it was registered in the mid 70s in the Netherlands before it was presumably driven to Cairo and then … Continue reading Sacrilege • Mid-Week Monochrome #27