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Why can’t we settle for this in the meantime? My response to Settle • FOWC with Fandango.

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Why can’t we settle for this in the meantime?

Why can’t we settle for the renewable energy sources that we have?

‘Coal remains the single largest fuel in the G20 electricity mix. Despite notable increases in renewables capacity for electricity and decline in energy intensity in recent years, the overall share of oil, gas, coal and nuclear in the fast growing G20 energy supply has not varied substantially in the past 30 years.’

This is the main highlight of the 80-page report ‘Energy Transitions in G20 countries’ that can be downloaded @ › opac-tmpl › Documentos. It’s preface starts with:
‘This report was produced by the International Energy Agency (IEA) at the request of
Argentina’s G20 Presidency 2018, as a key input for the activities of the Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG).
The G20 (Group of the Twenty) was created in 2008, in response to a severe international
financial crisis, and its members currently account for 85% of the global economy, 75% of
world trade and two-thirds of the global population.’

So, while the quest for really clean energy sources continues (or so we are led to believe) in recent years the overall share of (vastly) polluting energy sources has largely remained the same. In other words, given the rise in energy consumption of two-thirds of the global population, coal, gas, oil and nuclear powered energy has grown in absolute terms.

One of my nightmares is that one of my (grand)-children will stand before and accusingly asks me ‘you knew this apocalypse was going to happen. So why didn’t you do something?

As always, I’m open to a good, clean debate. Use the comment box please.

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Unhinged • FOWC with Fandango

Being not a native English speaker, for this Unhinged • FOWC with Fandango challenge I first had to look up what he meant with ‘unhinged’. It wasn’t at all what I expected, the Merriam-Webster gave me the following synonyms: balmy,barmy[chiefly British],bats,batty,bedlam,bonkers,brainsick,bughouse[slang],certifiable,crackbrained,cracked,crackers,crackpot,cranky[dialect],crazed,crazy,cuckoo,daffy,daft,demented,deranged,fruity[slang],gaga,haywire,insane,kooky(also kookie),loco[slang],loony(also looney),loony tunes(or looney tunes),lunatic,mad,maniacal(also maniac),mental,meshuga(or meshugge also meshugah or meshuggah),moonstruck,non compos mentis,nuts,nutty,psycho,psychotic,scatty[chiefly British],screwy,unbalanced,unsound,wacko(also whacko),wacky(also whacky),wud[chiefly Scottish]. So now I’ve got the picture…

A paradoxal approach to safety

Now, what immediately came to mind is the paradoxical approach to safety many of you Americans have. In order to ‘feel’ safe you want to be able to defend yourself. Preferably with a gun of some sorts, and preferably the bigger the better. But this knife cuts both ways: the antagonist can just as easily get hold of a gun then.
A lot easier some of you will at least think. They’ve got the black market to furnish them. Being in Europe, and being brought up with European norms and values, this whole notion of the ‘right to bear arms’ seems quite looney (to use a less polite form of ‘paradoxical’.) So could someone please enlighten me…?

Do I honestly need an assault rifle to protect my children

…from being shot in the infamous high school shootings that seemingly are becoming part of American Culture?
By the way, being a naive European, I ‘googled’ how many assault rifles there are in the US. The first thing the became clear to me was that there is a difference in ‘assault rifle’ and ‘assault weapon’. Are you guys really that unhinged, mental?

Assault weapon, or rifle?

How is it possible for the curators of Wikipedia to let this crucial question being fobbed off with ‘…and can not be known because of the different definitions in different jurisdictions.’ It seems to me that if you know about this difference in definitions you simply refine your search type you lazy gits? Or might there be some truth to the conspiracy theory that the gun lobby is so powerful that it silences even Wikipedia?

Guns as Christmas gift…have you really gone unhinged?

Yes, I’m serious…

Now, this is nothing more than a rant, and it is spoken from a European mind and heart. While I raise some fundamental questions, I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface is my firm believe.

And please, if you do believe this whole rant against guns, assault rifles or -weapons (who gives a flying f*** about the difference in ‘kill-ability’) is rather unhinged, do let me – as a naive ignorant if you will and at heart pacifist European – know in the comment box below.

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Christmas Presents…Have We Gone Mad?

Either 2 • FOWC

Christmas Presents • Six Word Saturday. This entry in this challenge is nothing more than a (polite) middle finger to the endless Holiday – equals presents – Season. The investopedia site estimates the following:

Nearly every year since 2008, the amount of money that American consumers spend on holiday gifts has been increasing over the previous year.

For 2019, industry experts expect the average American to spend $920 per person on holiday gifts, up from $885 in 2018 and reaching a total of more than $1 trillion in holiday spending.

If only for myself, I need to put this in little bit of a perspective. The USA Federal Budget deficit over 2019 is less than US $ 1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000.00!) according to this article in the New York Times. It equals no less than 110% of The Netherlands‘ GDP!

On gifts alone…
This frenzy has got to stop! This is not meant to be America-bashing in any shape, way or form. Most developed countries have a situation that is quite similar.

So my six words musing, not only for this Saturday but the whole holiday season, is:

Christmas presents… have we gone mad?

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The backbone of this post has been previously published on FOWC by Fandango.

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Litter • FOWC with Fandango

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Litter • FOWC with Fandango

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but litter seems no longer confined to ‘rubbish such as paper, cans, and bottles left lying in an open or public place‘ as Woolly Muses defines it in this post. Below a couple of photos of an, only too familiar sight in Dutch streets nowadays…

Litter • FOWC
Litter • FOWC
Daddy, I found my push bike
Daddy, I found my push bike

It is only too easy to blame this growing global (?) trend on George W. Bush’ rallying cry ‘And I encourage you all to go shopping more‘ in an attempt to avoid the last major global crisis the 2008 recession really was. (If only he were alone in this; many of our so-called leaders have followed suite in order to spend our way out of a self created mess.)

More litter • FOWC
More litter

This ratrace towards maximum prosperity and more, newer, better and latest consumption goods obviously creats a flood of discarded old durables (once they were) we have difficulty dealing with. So these old durables are fast becoming the new litter in our cities’ streets.

Litter 3 • FOWC
Even more litter • FOWC

And I shit you not, all these photos were taken in the Hague, The Netherlands over the past year or so.

Littter 4 • FOWC
Exported litter • FOWC

This photo was taken a couple of years ago in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. It’s an abandoned VW Beetle with a Dutch license plate. We even export our shit…

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