Photo Challenges

Photo Challenges Recently I’ve started to ‘dabble’ around in the land of photography again. It started when I traded my beloved, but analogue, collection of Nikon’s (F, F1, F2, F3) for a digital Leica. So after 20 years or so I slowly am starting to (re-)learn what it means to take good (digital) pictures. I’m also slowly learning that taking a photo nowadays is only half of the game. The other half being post-production. So far I’ve cautiously fooled around with Adobe’s Lightroom and the Photos app on my trusted Mac.

NRC Photo Contest ‘Animal and Nature’

To satisfy my craving for public recognition – to put a name on it so to speak – I decided to enter a photo contest by one of the Netherland’s leading newspapers, the NRC Fotowedstrijd. This was just a couple of months ago. Modest success, but it tastes like more…

Of the – a guestimate from my side – almost 1,000 entries my photo finished on a (shared) 9th place as voted by the public of this NRC Fotowedstrijd. And this is the un-retouched photo as at the time I did not have a clue what post-production could bring to the table.

Photo Challenges
Beautifying nature

What I tried to get across with this photo is a counterbalance to the wonderful – often technically outstanding – but more often than not rather cliched photos that show the splendor of Dutch nature…

Other Photo Challenges

Although rather competitive by nature I’ve decided to enter only (for the time being…) in various photo challenges that the old interweb is awash with:

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