Abandoned • Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Abandoned bicycle

Abandoned • Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is my entry for this week’s episode of this challenge. A.k.a. Bicycles, Tricycles, Motorcycles, Unicycles. But I’d like to put this into a somewhat different context. That the recession is well past us is something we all know. Consumption is on the rise…still. Especially the consumption of durable consumption goods (see the table at the end of this post for instance). Here’s the thing though: I’ve often wondered whether this is a good sign. Since most ‘markets’, especially those for durable consumer goods, are saturated.

What can this mean?

Which means basically that for every purchase of something new, something old gets discarded. And it shows. Bicycles, motorcycles, HiFi’s, even cars are abandoned unceremoniously in the streets. Around the problem of illegally dumped bicycles in the Netherlands I’ve already written a short post. To show that abandoned old and tired consumer durables is however a real and global problem see for instance the below photos.

Abandoned stuff

Abandoned Honda • CB&W
Abandoned motorcycle, Cadaquès, Catalunia, Spain. Photographed February 6, 2020.
Abandoned vintage radio • CB&W
Abandoned Philips vintage radio. Photographed in The Hague, January 9, 2020.
Abandoned toilet • CB&W
Abandoned toilet, Cadaquès, Catalunia, Spain. Photographed February 4, 2020.
Discarded bicycle • CB&W
Discarded bicycle. Photographed in The Hague, January 7, 2020

I’ve got tons more of these pictures taken in the streets of Amsterdam, The Hague, Cairo. I’ll be posting these off and on.

What do I hope to accomplish with this post?

So…what do I hope to accomplish with this post to a select, presumably higher than averagely educated audience such as you? Well for starters, T H I N K if you really need that new piece of stuff before you acquire it. And I’m sure that you do, because don’t we all love new toys? So when you do buy that new shiny toy you/we so desperately need, T H I N K what you will do with your old one. Make sure it’s being recycled? Give it a new life by giving it away to a second hand shop? Whatever, as long as you do not abandon it without giving it any thought. We’re drowning in enough shit as it is…

Here’s the promised table:

Source: CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics). This table reflects just the consumption in the Netherlands.

Abandoned • Mid-Week Monochrome #24

Abandoned • MWM #24

Abandoned • Mid-Week Monochrome #24 is the entry into the challenge from Brashley Photography is this Mid-Week Monochrome, or MWM.

Abandoned • MWM #24
An abandoned Land Rover in Cadaquès, Spain

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‘Abandoned’ is (or will be) a series of photos of ‘durable consumer goods’ I found discarded in the streets.