Berlin Wall Mural • Monday Mural 16 March

Berlin Wall Mural • Monday Mural

This Berlin Wall Mural, for Monday Mural 16 March, features another fascinating piece of street-art from Berlin. Photographed at the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Wall Mural • Monday Mural

We the inhabitants claim human rights!

Artist unknown to me.

Discovered on December 3, 2018. Entry in Sami’s challenge March 16. For more Monday Mural entrees, click here.

‘You’ve got…what?!’ asked Breschnew astonished • Six Word Saturday

You've got...what?! asked Breschnew astonished

‘You’ve got…what?!’ asked Breschnew astonished is my six word response to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

You've got...what?! asked Breschnew astonished
The kiss that symbolizes a deadly regime

The line in German ‘MEIN GOTT. HILF MIR. DIESE TÖDLICHE LIEBE ZU ÜBERLEBEN’ sums it up the sentiment regarding the deadly regime at the time quite nicely. It translates into something like ‘MY GOD. HELP ME. TO SURVIVE THIS DEADLY DISEASE‘.

It’s been thirty years since that hated wall came down. Little did anyone know what the real consequences would be.

‘You’ve got…what?!’ symbolizes another viral disease called freedom that proved deadly indeed to some. But for many, many more it was the unstoppable virus that led to unification of a nation.

Lest we never forget what this wall symbolized here’s one more piece of art that shows how things were.

Climbing the Berlin Wall
One of the artworks on the Berliner Mauer East Side Gallery.

This post gives you some more images of signs in current day Berlin.