Fandango’s Friday Flashback • January 3

Majestic Glow 16:9

Fandango’s Friday Flashback • January 3. Thanking whichever God I might believe in I was reminded of this by the WordPress reader. Not having blogged that long, I only have this post to share that dates back to a 3rd of a month.

Majestic Glow • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Majestic Glow • Tuesday Photo Challenge is my submission into Dutch goes the Photo challenge of the week. As usual, it is as brutally simple as imaginative: ‘I think that the interesting part of this challenge will be your choice of direction with the theme of Glow…will you opt for the glow of an ember, a firefly, or the glowing praise that is heaped on a great performance? There are many choices, so feel free to push the boundaries and shoot for that glowing review!’

Majestic Glow
Majestic Glow

Majestic Glow

Isn’t she just glowing majestically? I took this photo from a moving bus in the harbor of the City of Rotterdam. Hence the reflections at the bottom part. Incidentally, the ship named after the city was moored in its home harbor at the time we passed it. In order to make this lady glow like this I had to do some (extensive) post prod in Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I took the original photo with my iPhone XR.

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Fandango’s Friday Flashback • December 13

Lines under my feet lead pic

Fandango’s Friday Flashback • December 13. Today is the first time I stumbled on the Friday Flashback post/opportunity. To say I’m a novice at blogging is a bit of an understatement; I’ve only started really this October. After having made many a faux pas in the past few months I’m slowly (reached the tender age of 60) beginning to understand and get a feel for it. Who said something about old dogs and new tricks? Not that I’m making plenty of mistakes still.
I’m in the process now of listing virtually every mistake I’ve made (like using a picture of a poster that started with the F-word in a ‘FOWC with Fandango’ post only yesterday – you Americans can be so touchy). Might become food for a separate post…

Anyways, this post from October 13, that I wrote as part of the month long challenge Becky’s Lines & Squares, could use a little more love.

Lines under my feet

Lines under my feet square
Lines under my feet

Here’s my entry to Becky’s Lines & Squares Challenge, Oct. 13.

I took this shot of a rather confusing line ‘No entrance exhibition’ which somebody had pasted on the stairs of the main entrance to an art exhibition.

But please note the feet in sneakers on the left. We Dutch hardly take any notice of signs telling us what (not) to do. Unless it’s a ‘no parking’ sign. These tend to cost you dearly if you ignore them…

Which reminds me of our international sports club in Karachi, Pakistan, the good old Sind Club. The only way to access the bar was to walk across a grass lawn to the door. To avoid nagging wives dragging their husbands home, somebody had put a sign on the lawn saying ‘Women NOT allowed on the grass’. Not sure any of the expat wives ever obeyed that sign. My mother certainly didn’t.

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Flowery Lines in a dungeon • Becky’s Lines&Squares #25

Flowery lines in a dungeon

Flowery lines in a dungeon for Becky’s Lines&Squares Challenge

Flowery Lines in a dungeon

This photo I took in a place called Naarden Vesting in the Netherlands. I was visiting a show by a few photographers. This dungeon was well below the city walls that protected this town from (predominantly) the Spanish during the 80 years war. A war that raged from 1548 until 1628 (with a 12 year truce from 1609-1621).

Just try and imagine the fact that you were born when a war was raging, and you die in war time. As the average age during that period was well below 80 years. The show by Dutch photographers was quite a contrast with these surroundings.

Flowery lines in a dungeon 3
More Flowery Lines…

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Abandoned Lines • Becky’s Lines&Squares #24

Abandoned lines square

Abandoned lines for Becky’s Lines&Squares Challenge

We Dutch are associated with more than our fair share of clichés. There’s the dykes, the wooden shoes, the beer, the stroopwafels to name a few. And of course our bicycles.

Abandoned lines square
Abandoned lines…

On average, some 84% of Dutch own a bike. According to this blog that’s more than anywhere else in this world. And with an average ownership of 1,3 bikes per capita (!) we outrank the #2 country Denmark by a landslide.


I couldn’t find any figures of the average life span of a bicycle. But with so many bikes, and an expected life span of let’s say 15 years that means a fair number of bikes are being discarded every year. While the 15 years are entirely my guestimate, it would mean some 1.5 million bicycles are being discarded every year! And while probably a fair amount of Dutch do the right thing and discard their old bikes properly, I have still to come across one yet…

We rather tend to leave them where we parked them and ‘forget’ about them. Or dump them a little more out of sight. In a canal for instance…

To be continued…

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Psychedelic Lines • Becky’s Lines&Squares #23


Psychedelic lines for Becky’s Lines&Squares Challenge

I’m saving the full story behind Janis Joplin and her beloved Porsche in psychedelic lines for another post. Probably featuring more 60s & 70s stars and their cars. I’ll suffice to say here she bought this 1964 Porsche (when it came in an off-factory dull grey) second hand. At the time she paid $3,500 for it. She then gave one of her roadies, Dave Richards, $500 and a blank canvas to re-paint it.

Psychedelic Lines Janis Joplin & her Porsche
Psychedelic lines

The roadie, Dave Richards, called his masterpiece ‘The History of the Universe’. In true psychedelic fashion after he had completely covered the car with images of Big Brother and the Holding Company (Joplin’s band). As well as California landscapes, the Eye of God, Janis’ astrological sign (Capricorn), skulls, mushrooms, butterflies, and more.

While Janis Joplin sang one of the most memorable lines in automotive history ‘All my friends they drive Porsche’s, I must make amends…Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz’ she faithfully drove her Porsche virtually everyday she was not on tour, until she departed for good in 1970.

Psychedelic Lines 3
Janis Joplin & ‘The History of the Universe’

To save the rest for another day, Joplin’s Porsche was, after some abuse to restore the grey paint job, restored to its psychedelic lines. It was finally auctioned at Sotheby’s for no less than $ 1.76 million to an unknown buyer. In typical Sotheby’s fashion, they have never disclosed his/her name.

The History of the Universe
The History of the Universe Photo Sergio Calleja
History of the Universe • sideways
The History of the Universe with the line up of Big Brother and the Holding Company on the front fend

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Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines • Becky’s Lines&Squares #21

Cracks & Lines

Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines for Becky’s Lines&Squares Challenge

Cracks & Lines Square
Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines

Came across this painting at the ART The Hague fair a couple of weeks ago.

It mesmerized me, and looking at this picture it still does. Without the cracks and lines it would totally lose its attraction.

But typically me, I lost the piece of paper where I had jotted down the title and artist’s name… But Becky B was able out help me out with the artist, who is Lita Cabellut. And according to Wikipedia she is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands. Cabellut works on large scale canvases using a contemporary variation of the fresco technique.

Lita Cabellut portrait
Lita Cabellut

If you like her work just as much, it’s definitely worthwhile to pay her site a visit.

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Istanbul lines • Lines&Squares #18 • FunPhotoChallengeLines

Istanbul lines

Istanbul lines
Istanbul lines

For Becky’s Lines & Squares Challenge and Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge (CFFC).

These Istanbul lines are where men wash their hands and feet before the enter the mosque.

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