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Why can’t we settle for this in the meantime? My response to Settle • FOWC with Fandango.

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Why can’t we settle for this in the meantime?

Why can’t we settle for the renewable energy sources that we have?

‘Coal remains the single largest fuel in the G20 electricity mix. Despite notable increases in renewables capacity for electricity and decline in energy intensity in recent years, the overall share of oil, gas, coal and nuclear in the fast growing G20 energy supply has not varied substantially in the past 30 years.’

This is the main highlight of the 80-page report ‘Energy Transitions in G20 countries’ that can be downloaded @ › opac-tmpl › Documentos. It’s preface starts with:
‘This report was produced by the International Energy Agency (IEA) at the request of
Argentina’s G20 Presidency 2018, as a key input for the activities of the Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG).
The G20 (Group of the Twenty) was created in 2008, in response to a severe international
financial crisis, and its members currently account for 85% of the global economy, 75% of
world trade and two-thirds of the global population.’

So, while the quest for really clean energy sources continues (or so we are led to believe) in recent years the overall share of (vastly) polluting energy sources has largely remained the same. In other words, given the rise in energy consumption of two-thirds of the global population, coal, gas, oil and nuclear powered energy has grown in absolute terms.

One of my nightmares is that one of my (grand)-children will stand before and accusingly asks me ‘you knew this apocalypse was going to happen. So why didn’t you do something?

As always, I’m open to a good, clean debate. Use the comment box please.

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